Saturday, March 12

Still A Woman :-)

I had a dream before the surgery that when I woke from the anesthesia, there was a large hole in my abdomen where my womb once was. I was able to look inside and see this gaping hole. This emptiness inside of me. A part of me was gone. . .

When I woke up at the hospital, one of the first things I did was rub my belly. To my surprise, there was no hole. There was no visible emptiness. There was just me. I was the same me that I was when I went into the OR hours earlier. I was no less a woman. No less a mother. No less a daughter. No less a wife.

When I got out of the bed for the first time, I was still me. When I walked around, I was still me. When I came home to my family, I was still me. My children still call me mommy. My husband still calls me his wife. My parents still call me daughter. Yes, I lost my womb, but I am still very much a woman!

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