Thursday, March 17

2 Week Post Op Progress Report

A lot has happened in the 14 days since my hysterectomy. . . I thought by the 2 week mark, I would be fully recovered and feel like myself again. While I am close to that point, I still have a ways to go. At this point, I can go days without significant pain and just when I think I have reached the point of saying farewell to significant pain, it returns. Today is one of those days where I am hurting greatly. Also, I am dealing with a great deal of nausea. I have tried many med --> Zofran, Phenergan, Ativan, Scopalomine Patches, and now Reglan. The patch and Reglan are finally a winning combination! My appetite is not back, but I am trying to eat to help my body heal. My blood counts are holding steady and increasing a little. I have finished my lovenox injections. My hematoma in my belly is slowly greatly getting smaller. So, while things are not moving along as fast as I would like, they are moving in the right direction!

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