Saturday, March 12

The Gift of Blood

My surgery was exactly 55 days from my last blood donation. This time, I took my oldest 2 children with me so they could learn a lesson about giving. They were incredibly intrigued and curious by the entire event. They were in absolute awe as my blood filled the bag and tipped the scale. They called me a hero for the rest of the day!

After the shock wore off that I was in need of a transfusion, I took the opportunity to talk to the children and use this experience as a tool about helping others. How incredible it was to watch them as I told them that just like we saved 3 lives by donating, someone too saved mommy by donating their blood.

Thank you to all that donate blood. What an incredible gift it was to watch the gift of life pour into my veins. It was a very sobering moment that brought many tears and many emotions that I was not expecting. . . I look forward to repaying this gift in just 12 short months.

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