Friday, March 25

Others Opinions

With seeing a new doctor, comes the obvious question: Why would a 28 year old, in seemingly good health, have a hysterectomy?!?

Well, before I was even given an opportunity to answer this, I heard the female nurses in the hall chatting amongst themselves about "The 28 year old in room #3." Their words are still stinging hours later. When one came into the room to get my vitals, I was crying. She ever so innocently asked what the problem was and I ignored her as I knew the only words that would come out would be rude and hurtful to her. I remained silent until the doctor entered. The sonographer was wonderful and asked in a very caring, kind way about what was going on. Both her and the doctor were the only ones that displayed professionalism today.

While I know people are not intentionally trying to be hurtful, their words and actions say otherwise. I do not mind telling people WHY I had this surgery, just please do not make assumptions. If I had it my way, this surgery would have never happened. . .

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  1. Makes me think of The Four Agreements again. They should read it. I should kick them. :P