Tuesday, March 29

26 Day Post Op Progress Report

Although huge progress has been made since Saturday, I feel like I am sliding backwards. The pain and nausea have increased and I am now getting these crazy headaches. My energy is at an all time low. If I could just sit here with my heating pad and not move, I would be a happy camper. . .

I have read in many places that weeks 3, 4, and 5 sometimes feel like you are sliding backwards, but seriously, I am 28! I am not your typical hysterectomy patient. . . I thought for sure that would not be me. . .

We are scheduled to travel in 1 week for my sisters wedding. It will be 1200+ miles roundtrip. I knew going into this surgery that there would be nothing that would keep me from attending. While I still know that I will be there, I am truly concerned about the difficulties that will surround it. Please join me in praying that during the next 7 days that my body will heal and make incredible progress. I need to not only make this trip, but also feel good while I am there.

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