Thursday, May 19

The Phone Rang. . .

As I sit here sobbing, I wanted to let everyone know that, well, nothing can and will happen. There are no doctors that will perform this other surgery as it is "too risky" and with my luck, that will be more than true (and if it is that risky, I do not want it!), and the original surgery to freeze the nerve, although covered at 100% 2 months ago, is now considered experimental?!?!?! Seriously, how can something that has been proven to work and has been covered entirely prior, now be considered experimental? It works. We know it works. It is an easy fix --> Go to sleep. Make some cuts. Freeze the nerve like you would a wart. Wake up. Go home. No pain. It is my one hope of having minimal pain. I have done everything else. Had tests and procedures. Tried meds, all to no avail. Of course, I can pay for then entire 5 digit expense out of pocket, but we are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination.

So, seriously, who knows more, some ass sitting at a desk who has never laid eyes on a patient writing new guidelines because he is scared of what will happen with private insurance or your doctor, the one who has treated you. The doctor that has laid his/her eyes on you. The doctor that has reviewed your medical charts and your test results. The doctor that has held your hand as you sobbed as you did not know how much longer you could put your family through the hell of dealing with a mother and wife in chronic pain. (For those of you reading this, I am not saying that I am in danger, just in the throes of despair and dealing with pain for over 2 years)

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