Saturday, May 21

Options. . .

Since the phone call came on Thursday, I have cried, laughed, screamed. . . had so many emotions that I never expected. The idea of hurting like I am indefinitely is not something that I can handle. It has been over 2 years now. . . BUT, thankfully, I have a husband that will stand up for me. He will call the docs. He will call the insurance companies. He will not take no for an answer and he will keep fighting for me until something happens or I am better!

We are now looking at 4 things that are within our reach, we are just waiting for a few phone calls and much more discernment before any decision(s) is made. These possibilities include:

1.) Going ahead with the surgery. All parties involved have given significant discounts, leaving the surgery within reach, but before we commit to spending that much, we want to try a few other things and make sure that this is the 'right' decision.

2.) One of the PA's at my docs office suggested chiropractic care, so this is something we are looking into.

3.) Accupuncture. . .My wonderful husband has researched this one extensively and has read some truly amazing stories. So, we will see!

4.) A visit with another pain doc for a second opinion.

So, mentally, I am feeling better. I am over the crushing news of Thursday and trying to move on, mentally and physically. I have been trying to go on with everyday life, but I am paying for it greatly as the pain has been very intense these past two days. While I want to go back to everyday life, I am physically unable to and that hurts. This has gone on for long enough. . .

So, once again, we wait and pray for the right answer or answers. We wait and we pray. . .

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