Wednesday, May 11

not so done with the surgeon. . .

I thought that I was discharged from my surgeon's care, but, go figure, I was wrong. . .

I had to return to him again today for a 'consult' as he wanted to see how the pain management was going. I also had some concerns about the cuff sutures not dissolving and other issues pertaining to my new body. We chatted for a bit and he prescribed a med (MetroGel) for the other issues. I will return to him in 4 months, sooner if more issues or concerns arise. Also, at that point, if the sutures are still in place, he will remove them.

So, I am nearly done with him, just not completely! This leaves my primary who I see every 4 weeks and my pain management doc that I see weekly in addition to the surgeon that is 4 months away. Praise God that the urologist has been taken off of the schedule and I have successfully weaned off of my smooth muscle relaxers with no problems!

Baby steps in the right direction! Baby steps to total wellness and freedom from the mass of doctors!

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