Thursday, May 26

God Speaking. . . AGAIN!

I turned on the computer this morning to check e-mail and make my various rounds and came across this quote on a friend's page about her health battles. I must say, I can not imagine facing a fraction of what she faces on a daily basis, and yet, she remains so strong. Rarely does she let on about her frustrations, yet they have to be there, how could they not be. Anyhow, here it is:

"God never promises to remove us from our struggles. He does however promise to change the way we look at them."
~ Max Lucado

Thank you, once again, for this reminder. My optimism has improved and I know that before I know it, this will be but a distant memory. I will look back at this time and understand why HE chose this path for me. My head and my heart will understand and be at total peace with this, but until then, HE will be there and hold my hand and guide me through this.

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