Friday, May 27

Could this be it?!?!

I had my meet and greet with the Chiropractor today. After he took my history and performed his exam, he told me that he believes that he can help with the nerve pain! During his exam, he noticed that there was a lot of tightness in the lower right quadrant, which is most likely scar tissue from the 3 c-sections and the other other abdominal surgeries. The doc is wanting to use a technique called Active Release to break up the scar tissue and help loosen the muscles. According to him, it will take about 2-3 sessions a week for about a month to get over this. . .

I left there feeling like there was light at the end of this tunnel, much like I did after my first appointment with the pain doc. But, while I am feeling hopeful, I am trying to not get my hopes up in case this does not work. Now, do not think that I am thinking negatively, I am just tired of having my hopes crushed. My prayer is that this will work and I feel certain that this will, but I have moments where I become scared that will not work and I will be left hurting again. As soon as they come though, I try to put those moments of doubt aside, and remember that this could be the answer and the solution to the pain that has been going on for so long. . .

I return in a week and a half for my first appointment and we are anxiously awaiting it. . . One of the great things about this guy is that he has night appointments so Daddy can spend some quality time with the kiddos! All around there are positives. All around things are seeming to work out in the way that they are meant to. I can truly see things happening and it is incredible. . . My faith has been renewed and I feel strong in mind, body, and spirit once again!


  1. What did you decide about acupuncture?

  2. We are going to see what this results in and go from there. . . Insurance does not cover accupuncture, so one step at a time! I need relief though. . . You know the havoc chronic pain can cause. . .