Tuesday, May 31

Another Month. . .

As May ends and June begins, I am filled with many different and varying emotions. This journey has had so many twists and turns and ups and downs that were never expected. There are a few things that I hold onto, and even though my emotions are all over the place, I know the following to be true:
  • That God knows all of this. He, and only He, knows when the nerve pain will end. He knew that a total hysterectomy would happen when I was only 28. He knew all of the complications that would occur.
  • That my husband will stand by my side. That our vows of in better and worse, in sickness and in health would truly be put to the test these past 27 months. And although this can and does put a strain on us, we are learning to work through it and, praise God, we are coming out stronger than ever!
  • That my faith and trust would falter. That I would question the why behind it all. That I would feel anger and resentment for the path that was chosen for me. But in the end, God will help me see the light and those feelings do not last for long.
  • That my heart would ache one minute and be glad the next. And not glad in regards to my infertility, but glad that I am no longer plagued with all of the other issues that were present just 3 short months ago.
  • That my need/desire to help other women appreciate the gift of their fertility would become a priority.
  • That nothing will go as planned.
In all, it has been a trying 3 months, with this month being one of finding answers to the problems. Trying to figure out what is causing the pain and then creating the solution. Next month, we will begin the chiropractic care in hopes that it will help with the nerve pain and break up the scar tissue. So, onward we go in the hope to find answers. . .

(Me and the kiddos!)

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