Monday, April 25

New Treatment Plan

I went to my appointment with the pain management doctor this afternoon. I absolutely expected it to be a whole in the wall with a crowded waiting room and for the doctor to give me some narcotics and send me on my way. . . Boy was I wrong!

We sat in a nice waiting room for all of 10 minutes before we were brought to an exam room. The tech had just started to take my vitals when the doctor walked in and began to take my history. . . I was impressed! The doctor did his exam and had me do a few tests. After he finished he looked at me and without any hesitation told that I had Illioinguinal Neuralgia.

Basically, when they inflated my belly for the surgery, the hernia graft that was placed last September, moved. When my belly shrunk, the staples that are holding the mesh in place irritated the nerve. Things were getting better when I was able to rest and take it easy, but when we went to MS and then the following weeks chaos, the nerve became rather umm, pissed off and has remained that way since! He explained it so well to us and answered all of our questions. . . I always get such great doctors! (Except that one day at the urologist!)

So, the new plan is for me to go in tomorrow afternoon for an Illioinguinal Nerve Block. This may have to be repeated a time or two, but we are hopeful that this is it. . .

Today at the doctor, my husband had to tell me to calm down! I was SO incredibly excited that someone believed that I was in pain. That someone did not look at me and think that I was crazy. I was grateful beyond words.

Tonight, as the reality of this diagnosis sinks in, I am scared. For 2 years, I have been hurting. For 2 years, my hopes have been crushed. For 2 years this vicious cycle has gone on. . .

I am scared to get my hopes up that this will work as everytime I have, they have been crushed. Everytime I thought something would be easy, it has not been. . . I want and need this to go as planned. My husband wants and needs this to go as planned. My family needs this.

Please say a little prayer, wherever you may be, around 2 tomorrow that all will be well. That this is the answer to our prayers. That this suffering will end. . .


  1. You are taking those klemons and making lemondade!

    Auntie Bev