Wednesday, April 20

Week 7 Post Op Appointment

I had my 7 week post op appointment. I am truly grateful that my husband was able to come with me, as I desperately needed his love and support. Also, we could not have done any of this without the help of my incredible friend and soon to be mommy, Katrina, who watched the kiddos today (and SO many other days!). Thank you to both of you as I would have been lost without either of you by my side throughout this journey. . .

My appointment was at 8:30. We went in with a list of questions and concerns. He first did his exam and was very pleased with how everything looks. Things are still healing, but I am right on track. We were all excited that at least 1 thing is going right! Then we went in with my new issue of this pain. He palpated my abdomen and asked questions. After some discussion, the decision was made for me to have a pelvic MRI and to see a pain management doctor. The process for getting all of this done has begun and we are praying that it will not be much longer as the pain is nearly unbearable.

All in all, it felt good to leave there with a plan of action. For now, we wait for the MRI and the referral to the pain management doctor. We will also pray that this will hold answers. I need to get back to normal. To not have this pain. To be the wife, mother, sister, daughter, etc that I know I can be.

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