Wednesday, April 13

Words of Wisdom

I sent a dear friend, who happens to be an OB/GYN, an e-mail yesterday before I bothered my doctor again to see her thoughts on this incredible increase in pain, etc. We had spoken at the wedding and before the surgery about the plan. She knew about as much information as my doctors. . . And, she knew my hearts desire to have more children. . .

She wrote me back with some very sound and wise advice:

I think I would wait a week and see how the pain level is then. Take as much pain meds as you need to stay comfortable. Last week was quite a marathon for you that soon after your surgery - not foolish (who would miss a sister's wedding if it was remotely possible?) but definitely physically challenging. The fact that the pain is stable sounds reassuring. If it gets worse or has not improved in a week, yes, I would get back in touch with your gyn surgeon. Your bladder problem is unfortunately not rare after hysterectomy. The bladder is intimately attached to the front of the uterus and must be carefully dissected away from it during the hysterectomy. Bruising commonly occurs, and the bladder reacts with muscle spasms. This, too, shall pass. (Have you been praying for patience lately?!!) Yes, rest, and don't plan on doing anything you don't have to for another month. And even then, I doubt you will be back to full speed until 6 months from the surgery. I think you absolutely made the best decision by having the surgery now. The surgery would only have been more complicated had you waited, since endometriosis gets worse with time, until menopause, that is, and that's 20 years away!
You really looked great, and your little ones are so beautiful. I think it's miraculous you were able to have three babies with all that endometriosis. I keep you in my prayers.

I sent this to my husband to which he responded:

You know – I keep hearing the same thing…. We’re really lucky to have 3 children. And they really are beautiful children, too. I mean, most kids are just ho hum… but, ours are absolutely precious in every regard (probably because they are all so small for their age). I can’t imagine a life without Robert, Hannah or Wesley. And, I can’t believe how blessed we are. God has definitely been good to us – I think He has favored us for our faith and service to Him that was predominant in our pre children life – your walking and passion for the faith, my involvement in different ministries. I think if we were just average – we would have one, possibly. I think our large family, while not as large as we foresaw, is absolutely perfect! Considering all that you have been through and your bodies capabilities, this IS a large family. And God has been so good to us! Besides, we could have only had one more before needing a mini bus. And I just bought that van…..

I am learning with this, that God is putting people in my life at just the right time. They are speaking the words that I need to hear. They are encouraging me and keeping me going. When I feel myself sinking into that dark place, I try and remind myself that if God brought me to it, He will bring me through it!

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