Saturday, April 23


I have found, that over the past 51 days, that I am crying a lot more. I thought that I was a crier during pregnancy or when I was feeling down, but now I will cry at everything and anything. Well, not the sappy stuff, like Publix commercials or the like, but at the normal daily occurrences. . .

When talking with my sister today, I cried because I was talking about crying. I cried when my friend told me that she enjoyed an early Mother's Day outing with her mother. I cried as I read the St. Augustine Catholic. I cried when my oldest came up to me and kissed me out of the blue. I cry when my youngest tries to tell me knock knock jokes! I cried when my daughter told me I was beautiful. I cried when my husband brought me a diet coke! I am crying now as I write about this. I will cry at everything!

I wonder why this is. . . Could it be my body adjusting to having 1 ovary to make the hormones. Could it be that I have always been a crier, it has just intensified tenfold since the surgery. So many "could it be" possibilities, but for now, I will just accept that I am a crier and I will make sure to always have a tissue in my pocket and waterproof mascara on! :-)

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