Friday, April 1

Good Times :-)

For the past 4 weeks, I have been looking for proof that my left ovary is working. If it chose to "shut down," like can sometimes happen, I would be forced into menopause as I can NOT take any form of hormones. . .

Well, a few days ago, I received that proof. I realized that I have PMS! Never in my 28 years, have I been so grateful for the cravings, bloating, mood swings, etc etc as I am this time. So, I am embracing this and beyond thrilled that what I thought might be hot flashes, really were not such!

I must admit though, as joyous as this was, it was SO hard at the same time. I knew that this PMS would be for nothing. That what would follow PMS, would not be happening. . . Granted, that time of the month (sorry to the men reading this!) was awful, but now, I will never have another one. . . I shared this with my doctor at my appointment on Wednesday and he made a statement that hit home. He said, "During the surgery you lost 15mL of blood, 3 tsp. That is not enough to need a blood transfusion, however your severe endometriosis, menometrorrhagia, and severe dysmenorrhea, that left you needing a transfusion. If you had not had a hysterectomy, we would have to start transfusing you more often."

So, while I am grateful that I will never need another transfusion due to my cycle and that my one ovary is working, I still mourn what is not there. . . What will never be there again. . .

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