Friday, April 1

My Best Friend

I am still suffering from a swelly belly! While it is no big deal first thing in the morning, by lunch time I begin to look pregnant! Because of this, I can not wear any of my normal clothes and I can not live in my pj's forever. . .

I was starting to get a bit depressed as it was continually another constant reminder of the surgery that I so badly want to move past. I long for the day when my hysterectomy is not on my mind for the entire day. The day when I can wear my normal clothes and not feel like I am squeezing into them. The day where I can make it the majority of the day without thinking of this. . .

Last night, I shared this with my husband. He offered kind words and just held me as the tears flowed. He rubbed my back, held my hand, wiped my tears. He listened and loved me. . .

Imagine my surprise when he came home today with BAGS of clothes for me. There were pants, capris, and skirts. All of them had an elastic waist, but did not look like something a grandma would wear! He had dresses and shirts that flowed away from the body. Then, he gave me another bag. . . This one was full of shower gels, lotions, perfumes. . . All of the stuff to help me feel relaxed and pretty!

Throughout this entire journey, surgery, and recovery, he has stood by my side. He has been there whenever I might need him. He has pampered me beyond my wildest dreams. We are so much more in love now than we were prior and that love grows so much deeper everyday.

So, thank you, my love, for everything. I could not have traveled this journey without you by my side. I love you and you will always be on my heart!

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