Tuesday, April 12

Urologist Follow-Up

I had another follow up with my urologist today (I never thought I would have to see a pee doctor!!). . .

At our last visit, I was told to begin weaning off of the smooth muscle relaxer that I was taking to help me urinate. Well, as I was weaning off of it, I began to have trouble going to the bathroom again. So we started back on the meds to try and help with that. Also, my bladder is not emptying fully again, much like it did when all of this first began, and there are a lot of white cells that are indicative of an UTI. So, he is sending that to be cultured and will call in antibiotics if needed. . .There are lots of things to think about and try to figure out about what could possibly be going on. I return in 3 weeks where we will hopefully come up with a new plan of action!

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