Monday, June 20

Part of the WHY?!?!?

Well, I did it! After a lot of prayer, discernment, talking to my husband, etc etc, I made that first initial contact. I sent an email to a lady at BOMA. This is the Billings Ovulation Method of America, which is a form of Natural Family Planning. I grew up knowing and learning this method. When we moved out of MS, I could not find an instructor, so I learned the Creighton Model, which is very similar but uses scientific terms instead of your own. While I was satisfied and confident in my knowledge of Creighton, I preferred the simplicity of the BOM.

Since the surgery, I have wanted to help others understand and cherish their fertility. To not take it for granted and to treat it with the respect that it deserves. Our fertility is a gift from God and for so many, that is not understood. I also think, that this might be where parts of my dream may be coming from.

So, late this afternoon, I sat down at the computer to send an email and in my inbox was a sweet note from one of the directors! She told me what to do to become a teacher and be properly 'trained' in how to teach the method. Unfortunately, there is a training session at the end of July, but I do not see myself making that as I am still dealing with too much pain for that kind of travel. . . But disheartened I am not. I am SO excited and prayerful that this is part of HIS will for me!

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