Monday, June 20

A New Doc

Well, I finally bit the bullet and called the other pain doc with the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and the earliest appointment they have is August 8th. . . 6 weeks away. Normally 6 weeks is no big deal, but when you are dealing with chronic pain, the thought of 6 more weeks is awful. . . Think of having muscle spasms in the same place all day that intensify with activity for 15 weeks and then add 6 weeks to that. . .

On the flip side, I hope that the 6 week wait means that they are good people and not just a group that hands out narcotics by the handful to whomever they see. I know they are not, but when you talk about pain management docs, the thought of a SWAT raid enters my mind! I want someone that can help me get this to a tolerable level if not completely gone. . .

Please pray with me that this doc will have ideas, suggestions, advice on where to go from here as this journey is becoming long, too long. . .


  1. sorry you are still in pain! Hope this new dr works out! We go to Gville for Camden too =)

  2. We are actually going to a satellite office here in JAX for pain management. . . If that does not work, then maybe off to G-Ville. . . I know the hubby would love the location of that office better :-)