Saturday, February 12

Change of Heart

It is incredible, how for many days, I felt as if my world was falling apart. I could not quit feeling sorry for my self. I could not stop questioning God. Asking Why Me. I am only 28. I only have 3 children. And then just when I thought things could not get any worse, I lost it. I sobbed. The kind of sob where you can not catch your breath. Where you are absolutely hysterical. I felt like my 3 year old. And then when it was over, it was over. I cleaned my face and tried to look on the bright side. I have been blessed 3 times. I was able to share 28 years of my life with my womb. I believe in a God that understands that I am human. There are so many out there that are not able to have children. That do not believe in God, any god. While I am still sad, the part of me that was angry and spiteful has left. I am still questioning God as to why this path was chosen for me and that answer I can not wait to find. But for now, I am trusting and believing and accepting of His will.

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