Monday, August 1

I did it . . .

It is official. My siblings warned me of it. It has happened. I am turning into my mother. . . and it is not too bad afterall!!!!!

Example number one: I cry at Mass. Almost every Sunday (or Saturday), after communion, the tears begin! Last night was no different except that they were more like sobs! It started as I was carrying the baby as we walked back to our pew as a family after receiving Jesus. All 5 of us were kneeling saying our prayers. I had already started crying when my husband whispers something in my ear and the full on sobs begin. What he said? Nothing that would justify sobs, but it happened no less! Then, Mr Richard, our wonderful seminarian, gave a little speech because he was leaving to go back to the seminary and finish his studies to become a priest. . . Again, more sobs! And with every hug or kiss from my kiddos, they only got worse!

Example number two: Breastfeeding. Man, I could not advocate more for it. In fact, this is World Breastfeeding Week and I have even shed tears over the fact that I am not able to participate this year. . . I almost think that I am turning into a breastfeeding Nazi of sorts! I have even found myself looking up how to become IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) certified. Right now, it is too much with the homeschooling and my issues, but one day!

Example number three: I am taking steps to teach NFP. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but have now officially made all of the contacts and am just waiting on the funding to take the courses. I am SO excited about this one!

Example number four: My love of family, faith, and fertility. I am now beginning to understand some of the why's behind the way my mom did things.

So, I guess, I should say thanks to my mom for all that she taught me. . . and apologize for all of those times that I swore I would not be like her, because in the end, it is not that bad! (And, Ps. I love you!)

(Me and my mama at my sisters wedding ~ April 9, 2011)

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