Thursday, July 28

One Year Ago. . .

On this day last year, two things, two BIG things, changed. . .

The first of which was, I officially became a stay-at-home mommy! Something that my husband and I had dreamed about for so long, and it finally came true! There have definitely been many obstacles financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc etc, but even with all of that we have had to overcome, I would not trade this for the world. Watching my children, teaching my children, is such a gift and one that I am ever so grateful to have. That last day with my precious kiddos at school and incredible assistant and co-workers was very bittersweet though. We all miss them greatly and love our 'visits' with them. . .
(The picture is of us bidding farewell to daddy on our first day home!)

The second, the word hysterectomy was spoken at a doctors appointment. I had heard it for the prior 16 months, but this was a new doctor, one that I was seeing ONLY for endometriosis. . . certainly not a hysterectomy. We, Robert and I, left that appointment not knowing where to turn. We did know that we needed time to think about which surgery we would do and get other opinions. Obviously, we decided upon the endometriosis dissection which took place in late September and turned out to be more extensive than any of us thought. What began as a simple 90 minute surgery took well over 3 1/2 hours. Also, what he thought was just endometriosis, turned out to be adenomyosis, uterine polyps, and bi-lateral inguinal hernias on top of the the significant endo suprise. We were not prepared for any of that, but then again, who is ever truly prepared for what life throws at them?

Anyhow, this was a day that I will always remember. One that is forever etched on my heart, much like the birth of my children, my anniversary, all of the other important dates that us mothers hold onto forever. . .

**To celebrate today being 1 year of being home raising my children, I took everyone to the zoo for the day. . .the temp was only upper 90's with a heat index well into the 100's, but despite that, we managed to stay hydrated and have a great time :-)

(Our stylish arrival at the zoo ~ Everyone in their sunglasses!)

(Hannah and Aahliya "washing their hair" at the splash park!)

(Hannah "washing her hair" and Wesley fighting her for control of the manatee!)

(Robert enjoying the cold water!)

**To celebrate one year of that fateful doctors appointment, I had a good cry and snuggle with my three blessings!

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