Thursday, September 1

Insurance ~ Again!

I received a letter in the mail today from our insurance carrier. It was addressed to me and it was not in the typical explanation of benefits envelope. My first thought was that it was another bill for something. Then I opened it. . .

The first few sentences were typical medical insurance mumbo jumbo, so I skipped to the important part where one word stood out like a sore thumb

D - E - C - L - I - N - E - D

It took me a moment to figure out what this was and before long I understood. This was for the Spinal Cord Stimulator. Apparently, they already sent it off to see if insurance would cover this device.In the letter, it stated that this therapy is considered experimental. . . much like the cryoablation that they denied a few months back!

The good thing is that this does not really matter since this was an option that we would not even consider!

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