Monday, September 5

6 Months Out

I just went through and re-read most everything from the past 6 months and beyond and to be honest, I am feeling quite overwhelmed. So much has changed in all aspects of life. I can not say whether it is for better or for worse, but it is all in what He planned for me, for my family. . . And that is one reality that I am holding onto. . .
  • My relationship with my husband is stronger than it has ever been. Times of stress can either help or hurt, and in our case, it has helped. When I am at my weakest points, he will stand there and hold my hand. Wipe my tears. Comfort me.
  • From a surgical standpoint, I am healed. The docs say that the standar rule is 6 months post op for life to become more 'normal.' While I would not agree with the normal part, I would agree that the surgical healing is complete.
  • My hormones are finally starting to figure themselves out. I think the quasi-menopausal symptoms I was having have nearly all stopped.
  • I still get very tired very easily and my immune system is not what it was prior, but I think that is just because my body is tired.
  • My belly will occasionally swell still, especially after a day where I have done a lot.
  • The nerve(s). Oh how I wish this would just go away. They have been really bothersome lately. Lots and lots of pain from them. I return to the doc in November for the "test" block and I am praying that it works so we can move onto the RFA - or even better, that this all settles before that point and none of it is needed.
  • I have made all of the contacts needed to teach NFP and I am just waiting on the money from the diocese to take the classes.
This is not what I expected last February when the doc told me this had to happen. This is not what I ever saw in my future. But this is what we have been handed. There is so much to be thankful for. So much that He has already blessed me with. So much that I am undeserving of.

Thank you for all of the love, support, encouragement, and prayers. This journey has been tough and is not quite over, but is definitely doable compared to what others deal with. . .

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