Tuesday, July 5

Our Gift of Fertility

As I contemplate another month gone since my hysterectomy, I am reminded of the awesome gift that so many take for granted ~ Our fertility. I have said it many times, but it is very true. I was one of them until my 3rd pregnancy when I was warned of the risks and informed that more pregnancies could cost me my life and/or that of our unborn baby. Then, when he came nearly two months early and all of my complications arose, things became even more real. . .

At first, I was okay with it. This was God's will and I was scared. The thought of another baby in the NICU or a mommy who has to have Home Health after giving birth, was terrifying. As time continued, the fear lessened and the longing increased, but life went on. Problems continued and doctors continued to warn against pregnancy and push for the hysterectomy that I did not want. Finally, on March 3, exactly 24 months and 1 day after the birth of our youngest, it happened.

Now, like so many out there, the longing has intensified tenfold. I know so many who want with all they have to carry a child within, but are not able to. I have some dear friends that are only able to carry a child within for a few weeks, maybe months, before that precious one returns to our Heavenly Father. It is heartbreaking.. Others, despite all of their efforts are unable to ever become pregnant. To see those that you love and cherish hurting is hard. And in a way, you hurt with them. Their pain is felt. It is real. It is your own.

I feel so pulled, so called to help others understand this gift. The miracle that it is. Our fertility is a gift from God. It is one that needs to be respected. One that needs to be cherished. One that needs to be better understood by all.

Good Saint Anne, you were especially favored by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Savior. By your power with your most pure daughter and with her divine Son, kindly obtain for us the grace and the favor we now seek. Please secure for us also forgiveness of our past sins, the strength to perform faithfully our daily duties and the help we need to persevere in the love of Jesus and Mary. Amen.

Saint Anne is not only the mother of Mary, but the Patron Saint of Fertility.

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