Tuesday, October 25

Nerve Block #__

I had another appointment with my new pain doc - I know that I have said it before, but I really like him! He takes his time. He listens. He explains things. He understands. He sees me as a person and not just a patient. Both he and his staff are great. And, he is by far, the most committed to helping me with this pain -This is what happened:
  • He agreed that the swelling is probably just taking its sweet time leaving my legs, thanks to the Lyrica. He again said that it was nothing to be concerned with, so I will do my best to not worry about it! Just leave the occasional fingerprint!
  • We spoke about other medications and realized that I have exhausted most of them. 
  • We spoke about the intensity of the pain - on here, I can put down my guard, but in person, I can *nearly always* put that smile on and pretend. Today, that smile left, and I was able to let him know just how tired of this I am. He listened and was an incredible comfort. 
  • After a brief belly exam, and because I had no kiddos (thank you SO very much Mackenzie!), the decision was made to start the process of a combination of nerve blocks, while trying to break up some of the adhesions in that lower right quadrant. (I did not even flinch!)
So, all in all, today was a great visit. I am beyond grateful that we have found this man and that he is SO confidant in what he does and in his ability to "fix" me! I return in 2 weeks for the second block. . . until then, my fingers are crossed and my prayers are being said! 

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