Friday, November 18

*Update* A Weighty Issue

Just a quick little update on one of my last posts where I was VERY concerned about my weight. At that appointment, my thyroid labs were a bit off, so I began synthroid (It also helps with crazy pills work better which is always a positive!) I left that appointment and was scheduled to return in 8 weeks. Well, that was this past Wednesday and I was ever so nervous as I knew that I would face the scale and since I am still dealing with swelling, there is no telling WHAT it could say. . .

As always, I very carefully picked out my clothes, putting a lot of thought into what I would and would not wear. Finally the time came and we were called back. Ms. Hannah was there with me and she held my purse and 'watched' my shoes as I stepped onto the scale. I was scared. I could feel tears in my eyes, I was SO incredibly scared. Never would I have guessed what I saw next. . .

I was 6 pounds lighter than I was just 8 weeks prior! I was ecstatic! My doc saw me at the scale and came over and I quickly whispered in his ear 'my good news' and he gave me the evil eye as he knows all to well my obsession!

Anyhow, so that is where we stand. I still have 6 pounds to go to my pre-hyst weight, but I am not worried anymore. . . well, at least not obsessing anymore!

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